About HVAC Logos

By Josh Havens in Business, Marketing

Why are logos important?

When you leave your customers home and they look out the window to see your van pull away, you need a symbol that they can match the cool comfortable experience you’ve just given them. So the next time they see your logo, they harken back to that moment of comfort joy. It’s all about making connections in the minds of your customers.

If you don’t have a logo or an ineffective one, you miss the opportunity for to make this connection. So next time they see your van on the street, there is no connection.

Keep it simple

Your logo needs to be pure and simple. People are subjected to thousands of different logos a day. Added complexity can take away from the logo’s ability to be remembered. This is the primary thing you need to get right. A simple logo will make everything else so much easier on you.


Think about the visibility of a FedEx van. You could see that van from a mile away and know exactly what it is. How did they achieve this power over you? They have a big simple logo and they make sure you see it a lot. A FedEx truck has a large viewing radius and is getting thousands of impressions from others on the road daily.

How many impressions are you making? What is the visibility of your current logo? Can you read and recognize your logo at 100 yards?  Your logo should be visible and readable at the maximum distance.

Also, your logo needs to work as it is scaled down, like on a work shirt. As you are making the first impression on a new customer, you want your logo to be readable and memorable with high contrast on your shirt.


An ill-designed logo is a designers nightmare. Take a look at the logo above and consider the following.

  • Is the name of the business easily readable?
  • Does this logo work well at any size?
  • Would this be easy to stitch on a shirt or hat?
  • What does it mean?

A logo is the cornerstone of all of your marketing. It will be on everything, from business cards to billboards. It’s important to have something that works and you can take pride in for years to come.