HVAC Fusion was started to meet the needs of the HVAC industry. HVAC Fusion brings tools and proven formulas to create effective online strategies designed for HVAC.

Josh Havens

After spending over seven years working for McCann-Erickson, a worldwide advertising agency, I learned the importance that big businesses place on spreading their message online.

Fifteen years ago I convinced my Dad to let me develop a website for him. Since then, the online website has brought in a steady stream of business. Havens Heating and Cooling has enjoyed over 20 years of continuous growth in part because of a dominant web presence in the area.  I have also helped start and grow four other family HVAC businesses online.

I have a passion for helping businesses succeed. I created HVAC Fusion to take proven formulas of success to other HVAC businesses. When you are a part of HVAC Fusion, you will be a part of this family tradition.