HVAC Business Owner Attitude

By Josh Havens in Business, Google

I recently spent some time with a friend of my wife’s family. He owns an HVAC business in another state so of course, I wanted to pick his brain with how he marketed his business.  He told me an interesting story about how he came up with the name for his business. I was impressed by the business name and then asked how he developed a logo around the name. I was disappointed to learn that there was no logo or branding.

After speaking with him for a while I realized that there was not much interest in these things. His main form of advertising was a $300 a month ad in the yellow pages. I cringed. “The last time I actually opened one of those ugly books was when I needed something to burn”, I said. “We are just from different generations” he replied as if there is some antiquated romance in flipping through the pages of the yellow book. “I opened my phone and in less than 10 seconds I had all the HVAC companies in the area on my screen with reviews, links to their websites, and links to make a direct call in Google. I explained how getting his business set up in Google is one of the most effective marketing moves an HVAC came make. With very little effort, he could have a verified listing that would show up on phone searches leading to a steady stream of calls and it’s FREE. “I never got any work off of that”, he replied. “Of course you don’t, you don’t exist online”, I said.


Why the dismissal of a free low-risk marketing opportunity that would have only resulted in more business? Was it because his yellow pages rep had convinced him that all he needed was them? Could it be that he didn’t want to get involved in something he didn’t understand? Or maybe he was not interested getting more work?

Why is this attitude prevalent among some business owners?