Can Your Customers Read Your HVAC Website?

By Josh Havens in Search Engines, Websites

What is the most important thing you can do to make sure customers don’t immediately leave your website? Websites are the key tool to your marketing arsenal. They are a sales tool, branding tool, communications tool, lead generating tool, etc. After all the investment in building and developing a website and getting users on the site, you need to make sure that they can easily navigate and read the website so you will maximize your investment.

The thing you can do to take advantage of your website is to make it mobile responsive. Mobile responsive means that the text, images, and graphics of your website resize itself automatically to be more readable on small mobile devices. Our analytics data show that over 50% of our website traffic comes from mobile devices. Customers are using their phones to find you rather than the traditional desktop computer. This is a trend that will only increase in the future. Let’s make it easy for them to learn about your amazing products and services and then contact you.

Think about your workday and how much you use your phone. Your customers are behaving the same way. As we all know, there are good phone experiences and not so good phone experiences. Give your customers a good experience on your website.

Search engines devalue websites that are not mobile responsive. Search engines like Google want to give users the best experience when they direct them to a website. That means they will value the experience of your competitor with a mobile responsive website over your non-responsive website.

A mobile responsive site makes you more competitive. A mobile responsive site will stand out from the competitors. Customers will spend more time on a website that they can easily read and navigate. It shows that you have taken the time to make things easy for them.

Not sure if you have a mobile ready website? Google has created a test that will show you if your site is mobile responsive. Click here for the test.