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About HVAC Logos

By Josh Havens in Business, Marketing

Why are logos important? When you leave your customers home and they look out the window to see your van pull away, you need a symbol that they can match the cool comfortable experience you’ve just given them. So the next time they see your logo, they harken back to that moment of comfort joy. […]

HVAC Video Ads on Facebook

By Josh Havens in Marketing, Social Media

This video ad increased my engagement by 238% over images. I’ve run a lot of facebook campaigns with images. I already know that video ads work because I find myself scrolling through the images in my Facebook feed, but pausing on videos. Recently I’ve been testing out a video and the results were staggering. My […]

How Do You Outsell Beer?

By Josh Havens in Marketing, Websites

What is the secret behind being the top selling food vendor at a baseball game? It’s not getting a high demand product, although that really helps.  Beer is what you want to be selling,  but you might get stuck with something hard to sell. I recently listened to a podcast and they interviewed a successful stadium food vendor. On […]


By Josh Havens in Marketing

84% of people trust online reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation. Reviews can take you to the top, or they can pummel you. They are a public statement that will guide others in your community on whether to choose you or competition. So how do you get reviews? You don’t want to […]