How Do You Outsell Beer?

By Josh Havens in Marketing, Websites

What is the secret behind being the top selling food vendor at a baseball game? It’s not getting a high demand product, although that really helps.  Beer is what you want to be selling,  but you might get stuck with something hard to sell. I recently listened to a podcast and they interviewed a successful stadium food vendor. On this day he didn’t get beer, he got hot dogs. Although he had a less desirable product, he maximized his sales.  He quickly went into action and his strategy was revealed. He pitched his hot dogs to as many faces as humanly possible.  Up and down the stadium steps he went selling, dispersing, and making change quickly. If they said no, on to the next face. No need to waste valuable time.  He stayed in sales mode, and at the end of the day he had sold an impressive amount of hot dogs.

Every visitor to your HVAC website is a face, an opportunity. That is why it is important for your website to be in constant sales mode. Every website visitors should be greeted with an opportunity to capitalize on a new special or service that they can buy from you. They should not have to hunt for this. It should be a main feature of the website. No visitor should leave your website without being asked if they want a hot dog. If they are not interested, there will always be another visitor.

After the sell, it should be easy for them to make contact with you. The special should lead them into a contact mechanism such as a contact form. I have generated a lot of quality leads from contact forms for my clients and they are very effective when used properly. They should be easy to use and give the customer control over communication and service.

It’s hard to get quality visitors to your website. It’s easy to lose them. While you have their attention, it’s important to take advantage of that time and do what you really want to do, sell them your products and services.